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Found 173 targets:

kutsung age kommentaar
OH2RDS 4m21sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Sipoo
OH6JAT 4m13sJorak
OH6AI 43sClub Station of Kokkola
OH2LIY 90d 23h46m.WD 190
OH1HEK-15 13m44sRx-igate,Univ. of Turku
OH3BK 26m59s145.500MHz
OH7BD 3m58sMMDVM Nano hotSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH3RBE-1 17d 16h19mTampere/Pyynikki
OH3RCD 8m43sHausjarvi APRS digi, OH3AD
OH2EKK-9 13h56mYVV-738
OH3GDO-9 59d 20h4mQTP
OH2MUI 7m25sRx iGate and WX station
OH6RUC 13m24sTn,Wn Kaustinen OH6RUC Digi+TX-iGate
OH2RCH 10m31sJuhanila APRX RX-iGate
OH2RDU 13m24sR,Wn,Tn Rajamaki
OH6AA-3 15m20sVaskiluoto
OH6AC 197d 21h17maprx - an Rx-only iGate
OH3HPV 5d 12h3mFinDMR Next Gen DMR 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH5AD 4sAPRX I-Gate Hamina 144.800MHz OMNI 52m ASL
OH2NJR-11 141d 19h1mJoni, Gray Alfa Bertone GT -72 museum car EFX-10
OH4RDC 5m34sWn,Tn,R,MIKKELI,Muinola
OH7JHF-9 281d 21h20m434.900MHz
OH3MBC 311d 21h14mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH5RBG 10m39s144.800MHz OH5AG iGate Vuohivuori
OH2BP-2 4m4sWIDE UIDIGI Banana Port 1
OH6AI-1 8m11sClub station of Kokkola
OH6RDK 2m49sPHG2571 R,Wn,Tn Hankasalmi OH6AD
OH7AZC-9 90d 22h57m14.1V 22C HDOP01.2 SATS08 Outlander liikkeellä
OH7RDA 7m47sSiilinjarvi
OH6KSX-9 4d 13h2m13.6V
OH3KV 1m43sOH3KV Koijarvi
OH7HJ-9 9m16sHAMDR
OH3RDA-3 7m8sR,Wn,Tn Hml
OH3KAV-9 2d 15h46mTinyTrak3
OH2EKK-8 147d 15h14mM/S ANNI/Eki/145500/Rep
OH1KH-15 20d 19h57m14.5V 11C Moving
OH1KH-8 156d 19h40mTrackuino:AprsTx 12V
OH1KH-9 210d 19h44m12.2V 25C Parked
OH1KH-2 68d 23h46m
oh6nmy 4m30seCumulusFO
OH2AAB 13d 1h18mLohja / Ammattikoulu
OH2ML-2 3m12s
OH2KJG 166d 14h30m{UIV23}
OH2FTJ-9 13d 10h20m434.900MHz VFO A, Jouni MKT-241
OH5XB-9 6m48sKari
OH3KLJ-5 303d 15h1m11.4V 11C OpenTracker+ / Diamond X50 / Kiinakapula 5W
OH4KA-2 25m31s10.0V 21C X1
OH3RUD 7m13sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Vesijako
OH7ER-9 3d 23h49m
OH5XB-7 139d 21h40mKari
OH3VL 158d 19h20m13.0V 28CLaivarannan Epätieteellinen Tutkimusasema PA + Alv 5%
OH8RDT 16m21sRX-iGate + digi
OH6AA-1 6m46sRx-only iGate
OH5FVY 5m48sOH5FVY RX-Only iGate
OH3FWF-9 81d 17h5m14.6V 13C HDOP01.6 SATS10
OH3LJU-5 324d 2h42mOH3LJU-5 144.800MHz RX iGate
OH3KLJ-4 14h15mFoxView op. Mika KP21PH
OH4GVN-1 24sPuumala
OH2RDP 8m41sRELAY,WIDE, OH2AP Jarvenpaa
OH7AZC 3m45sopenSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH2LAK-2 9m45sR,Wn,Tn Alhovuori KP20BL
OH6DL 19d 13mG/D* R-I-R HX 10147.3kHz WIDE1-1
OH2EGI-9 34s
OH4KA-4 9m42sRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate
OH2HCY-2 11m44sVantaa, Metsola
OH2AUN-5 140d 18h58m13.5V 20C HDOP01.0 SATS08S/Y Forth
OH2T-1 18m9sRaspberry Pi iGate
OH6MHZ-8 64d 23h17mHenkkan Mokki QTH
OH2KQF-1 3m12sAlavus, Toysa, 27.4V, -1.3*C, 50%
OH2AAV 306d 2h15m
OH9ELA 3m57sMMDVM + Raspberry ZERO v 1.1 144.9625/144.9625 CC1
OH6DL-10 5d 21h20mG/D R-I-R HX IGATE 10147.3 kHz USB RPR
OH4KA-7 15m12sRaspberry pi
OH2LAK-1 28sPusula Rx-iGate
OH6A 4m16sClub station - Club evenings WE 19:00->
OH6ELF 2m42siGate / Tontun QTH
OH5AA 5m59sClub of Kotka, tuesdays 19-21
OH2FHF 314d 2h52mLari QTH
OH5GWF-8 39d 23h2m12.6V 07C HDOP01.3 SATS06
OH2HCY-3 11m53sInkoo, Orslandet, Bjurs
OH2AP/LEI 166d 14h50mLA 14.9.2019 klo9-22 Turaniementie61
OH4JPS-2 5m34sRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate, Jari OH4JL Mia OH4HNT
OH2FZV 50m54sMika QTH / QAM YAESU & 10GHz Gunnplexer station.
OH3ERV-9 6d 23h38m145.750MHzQRV OH3RNE/DMR TG244/145.500
OH5GWF-7 46d 20h6mJARI
OH2BSC-8 221d 19h35mNGY-825 Hymer Van op. Pekka
OH6DL-3 14m29sSaturanta WX,T=14.0C
OH5RDF 55sOH5AB Clubstation iGate MTGMon18
OH3YP-8 184d 21mPicoAPRS OH3YP
OH6NEQ-8 172d 1h36mm/s Viivi, Tristan 345FB, MMSI:230054910 3.43V 18.8C TF
OH2ELR-9 1h56m145.750MHz -Lauri OH2ELR@GMAIL.COM
OH2EGI-15 19h51mVW TRANSPORTER 14.32V 27C
OH6KW-1 182d 1h23mAprx + Raspberry Pi iGate
OH9FTW-9 84d 15h33mPLXTracker U=12.6V.
OH2EGI-2 4m5sVantaa, Hakunila. TRX 12.4V, 32.1C/89.7F
OH2FDO-5 151d 10h10mAP510 1W, S/Y Mary-Ann 3.41V +16,5C X
OH2BCE-1 107d 45mop:Teemu
OH2HCY-8 3d 12h59m434.900MHz VFO A, Uffe VYH-758
OH2LAK-9 4d 1h45mGMU-761 Erik
OH3GEF 19m48sradiosonde_auto_rx SondeGate v1.2.3
OH5GDN-10 129d 15h41m434.563MHz
OH5ELO-9 5d 22h12m145.500MHz
OH5GDN 29s144.800MHz RX-iGate - KP30LM
OH7ABC 4m7sRX-igate
OH7RAC-13 9m6s13.4V 17C- TUVI-toistimen jannitevahti - Akut OK -
OH7RAC-12 15h22m12.1V 17C- Alijannite - Tarkista akut ja lataus! -
OH6XG 48d
OH5GDN-1 4m1sMMDVM DVMega 434.4250/434.4250 CC6
OH2ELR-12 57d 20h46mAP510 3.64V 18.6C TF_X
OH3RBE-DG 109d 21h35mTampere/Pyynikki
OH2EKK-2 5m56s
OH3NGT 28m48sNoxioinen Bay Area Satellite Group
OH2EIR 15m15sQRP 1W
OH1CO-2 3m18sAPRS-IS for Win32
OH2EIR-7 13d 16h19mMobile (4W) scanning nearby rpt freqs on 2m/70
OH2BSI-5 152d 23h33m12.5V 29C
OH7LZB-15 49d 15h44m145.825 satellite iGate
OH3RBE-R3 15mTesoma APRS RX
OH3LMG 131d 10h29mR,Wn,Tn /P
OH3HPV-10 85d 19h16mKylanoja RX-iGate RPi3+HAMDR
OH2EGI-1 1m9sVantaa, Tikkurila. TRX 13.7V, 32.2C/89.9F
OH2EUQ-1 3m40sopenSPOT 434.4000/434.4000 CC2
OH2GYT-T1 4m3s
OH3LMG-1 242d 15h40mPHG2130R,Wn,Tn /P-1
OH1SA-4 224d 1h44mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4500/434.4500 CC1
OH6PV 27d 20h56mRX-igate
OH6PV-2 4m2sPete's Cottage / Tjarlax
OH3TAM 217d 11h49mRx-only iGate
OH2RDG 8m29sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Kirkkonummi
OH5GWF-14 264d 15h43mAPRS-IS for Win32
OH7KAA-10 15m49sPHG*****
OH3SUS 360d 22h50m
OH2ELR-1 57d 20h25mWX3in1Plus2.0 U=10.1V,T=18.5C
OH6DL-4 19d 14mG/D* R-I-R HX 5354,0 kHz *WIDE1-1
OH6PV-1 132d 12h3mopenSPOT 434.4625/434.4625 CC1
OH4VA-5 5d 15h2m=
OH2AAV-15 10m28s434.900MHz VFO A, Vantaan Radioamatoorit
OH5RUA 3m33sM27QNR9JA7AN 434.5625/432.5625 CC1
OH4VA-15 218d 17h44mDuplex MMDVM cross-band repeater 144.8250/432.8250 CC1
OH5GWF-10 110d 22h55m12.7V 09C HDOP00.8 SATS11
OH1RDS 27m9sTX iGate/Digipeater
OH1RDS-2 7m28sRadiation now 0.1318 uSv/h
OH7BD-5 263d 14h35m20.0V 22C
OH8GEA-3 84d 17h45m1W TX 3.50V 23.6C TF_X
OH6V 15m3sOH6PV Petteri & OH6EZU Suvi
OH3TA-8 131d 11h35mKP11WK
OH3LMG-15 18m45sRaspiPC Otso
OH3LMG-14 239d 22h7mKP11WK
OH2NJR-2 176d 19h4mTestissä STM_32 MDDVM hattu raspissa ja FT817 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH8EZA-2 25m2sAPRS-IS for Win32
OH5GWF-15 298d 14h47m12.8V 23C
OH3ERV 221d 22h9mRx-only iGate
OH4KPN-9 225d 2m4.31V 32.0C
OH2HNW-9 247d 12h15m
OH3LMG-10 131d 15h40mKP11WK
OH3TA-10 131d 12h36mKP11WK
OH6V-2 45sRX-igate
OH5RBG-15 63d 12h57m13.8V 23C
OH3BAE-11 208d 16h36m
OH3MBC-1 180d 17h35mTeam A
OH6GZT 27d 17h33mHacklab Rx-only iGate
OH6DL-15 159d 23h36m
OH3ERV-10 6d 17h54mRx-only iGate
OH3BK-2 137d 53m09.1V 28C
OH3TA-6 131d 8h6mKP11WK
OH3LMG-12 131d 10h5mKP11WK
OH3MBC-10 1m35sRx-only iGate
OH3HPV-15 5m41sRasPi3B+ Lapinvuori KP21JR
OH7GGX-14 4d 18h38mRX igate 144.800
OH6V-3 2m55sHacklab Rx-only iGate
OH4AB-2 2m42sRX iGate on Raspberry Pi
Sellest saidist
This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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