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These statistics represent both the state of the APRS-IS network at various times, and the state and operating logic of the aprs.fi service. For example, packets which are not supported by this service (like weather and telemetry) are reported as errors. The service filters out some information before inserting it to the database (like duplicate messages and position reports for unchanged coordinates).

Number of targets in tracking database:
graph: target daily

Rate of change in number of targets:
graph: target-rate daily

Number of active targets:
graph: target-act daily

New map points inserted in database:
graph: loc-new daily

Number of packets received from APRS-IS per second:
graph: packets daily

Number of beacon packets received from APRS-IS:
graph: beacon-rate daily

Number of message packets in database:
graph: message daily

Number of message packets stored in database (after duplicate filtering):
graph: message-rate daily

Number of active weather stations:
graph: wx-act daily

Number of weather reports stored in database:
graph: wx-rate daily

Number of users viewing aprs.fi:
graph: viewers daily

[ päeviti · iganaädalaselt · igakuiselt · aastati · APRS-IS traffic distribution ]

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